Optii Features

Housekeeping often represents the majority of your labor costs without the benefit of labor management technology. Learn how Optii’s key features can reduce housekeeping expenditures and benefit everyone in your hotel, from top to bottom.

For Hotel Owners

  • Full access to real-time data analytics equips your hotel’s management team to make smart business decisions that optimize housekeeping staffing levels, reduce costs and boost profits.

  • Allow guests to access rooms faster and eliminate communication between reception and housekeeping – helping you focus on your customer.

  • Use performance analytics to gain a deeper understanding of housekeeping performance and enable proactive improvements.

  • Ensure that union requirements are reliably implemented with an audit trail for tracking compliance.


For Housekeeping Managers and Supervisors

  • Dynamically automate workflow schedules, show cleaning progress in real-time, and streamline communication between managers and room attendants.

  • Cloud-based, multilingual, easy-to-use dashboards allow you to manage on-the-go, no matter where you are.

  • Housekeeping requirements are automatically adjusted guest-by-guest, room-by-room, and minute-by-minute to minimize wait times and meet 24-hour check-in expectations of your guests.

For Room Attendants

  • The easy-to-use, multilingual mobile app makes it easier for room attendants to keep in touch and reduces interdepartmental communications by at least 60%.

  • By examining guest type and use-pattern, Optii ensures a fair and balanced distribution of your housekeeping resources for every shift and provides room attendants the time to clean each room properly.

  • Empower and support room attendants to perform at their best with better training, better support and automated links to other relevant departments.

  • Understanding that every minute counts, Optii eliminates unnecessary move around time such as trips to the housekeeping office or closets by using our intelligent logistics platform.