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Jun 14, 2018

Optii Launches Hands-On Success Management Program

AUSTIN, Texas and BRISBANE, Australia -- Optii Solutions, the world’s leading provider of hospitality housekeeping management solutions, today announced the launch of a client success program that maximizes the delivery of results to its clients.

“Hotel housekeeping has operated in the same manner for decades and the introduction of technology represents a significant shift”, says Soenke Weiss, Optii’s founder and Chief Strategy Officer. As global experts in housekeeping optimization, Optii consistently looks to maximise its value delivery, often going beyond pure technology. “Optii has proven time and again that hotels can streamline their productivity while enhancing the service delivery at the same time. This potential for improvement is greatly enhanced, and virtually guaranteed when the housekeeping leadership has access to a mentor and coach who is providing ongoing guidance focused on the hotel’s own goals. We recognize the importance of the human element and realise that in order to achieve real results, simple training and tech support alone may not be sufficient to deliver outcomes for users new to housekeeping software products.”

Optii’s Success Management Program is available to all clients at no additional fee and engages the hotel’s leadership team by providing consistent feedback on progress and trends concerning the department’s efficiency. The service is provided by experienced housekeeping professionals that have walked the same road before and know the tips and traps in housekeeping.

“The vision for our company is to adopt our clients’ goals as our own and to challenge the status quo every step of the way.” says Ray Pawlikowski, CEO of Optii. “To deliver on this promise to ourselves we need to assess the optimal strategy that delivers the best outcome for our clients. In this case, it means that in addition to providing the most advanced housekeeping solution available today, we have to bend the rules of the industry and become pioneers once again in providing a service bundled with technology. In an area undergoing a transition to the 21st century, this is a powerful combination indeed to ensure not just user adoption but the delivery of real, tangible results.”


About OPTii Solutions

Headquartered in Austin, USA, OPTii Solutions was founded in 2006 by hospitality professionals who recognized the need for innovation in Housekeeping management methodology. Today, the business’ sole focus is optimizing Housekeeping functions in hotels via OPTii Keeper, its unique and peerless solution which integrates seamlessly with property management systems. OPTii creates improvements at every level of Housekeeping operations with its easy-to-use, automated and real-time management solution.

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