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Housekeeping Solution

How it works | The Optimum Housekeeping Solution

Timely and professional housekeeping management is at the epicentre of the guest experience and therefore the heart of a successful hotel operation.

Guests who arrive with no queues at the front desk - and a professionally cleaned room that is ready for them - are guests who return time-and-time again.

How can a hotel achieve this level of responsiveness and reduce operating costs at the same time? Optii Keeper.

How it works

A lightly used room occupied by a conference guest might only take 20 minutes to clean. 

A room that’s been lived and dined in by a family with two children, over three days, might take an hour to clean. 

Same room type, same day, but it’s a different burden on your operation.

Current housekeeping software solutions cannot make a distinction between these two use-patterns. They simply move the old housekeeping methods from clipboard to mobile devices.

Whilst these solutions may improve communications, they don’t have the ability to intelligently manage quality and productivity, nor can they deliver the analytics required to optimize your business. Optii Keeper can.

Optii Keeper estimates cleaning times by examining guest type and use-pattern. It then reliably predicts, manages and optimizes your housekeeping schedules in real-time. Automated.   

Can your hotel dynamically adjust housekeeping requirements guest-by-guest, room-by-room and minute-by-minute?

As the only solution that focuses exclusively on housekeeping and associated functions, years of in-depth industry research and development have made this product at the very leading edge of what is possible.

Combine this with the fact that it is easy to use and easy to integrate and you have a rare combination. One which delivers a real return on investment. 

Improvements at Every Level

Optimized Features


Understand where every staff member is and how they are progressing against their schedule. Manage them from one central location for effortless supervision and control


Manage by exception – not by detail. Know that you will be alerted if something requires your attention.

Guest Preference

Manage individual preferences and special requests from guest profiles and reservations to enable efficient planning


Empower Room Attendants and Supervisors with dynamic scheduling of rosters and real-time reporting on the go


Eliminate language as a barrier to effective communication with multiple choices based on user preference


Reduce or eliminate queues. A sophisticated queuing system* coupled with our scheduling engine lets you prioritize and notify guests by SMS on the busiest days


Light bulb broken? Report room defects from mobile devices (including photos) and track progress of the task through to completion

Inventory Management

Record the use of consumables - linen, amenities, minibar - and link in with associated departments for ordering/forecasting requirements

Quality Control

Use detailed performance reporting for Room Attendants and Supervisors to initiate a complete quality system for training.

Performance Analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of the performance of the department and enable proactive improvements. You cant manage what you cant measure

Public Area QA

Deploy your resources efficiently to proactively manage the quality control of your public spaces


Streamline communication and eliminate up to 60% of phone calls, enabling your staff to be more attentive to guests and spend more time on training

Deep/Multiple Cleaning

Manage spring cleaning (and other schedules such as multiple cleans) automatically with no extra administration

Load Balancing

Provide a balanced distribution of rooms in each roster for a fair and transparent days work. Happier and more motivated staff results in reduced turnover

Labor Rules

Ensure that Union requirements are reliably implemented with an audit trail for tracking compliance


Manage the turndown and optimize the complete cycle of 24-hour cleaning operations

Total Connectivity from the Cloud

Optii Keeper stays in touch with every member of your cleaning team via his or her cloud-connected mobile device, which means your managers have full control of the operation while on the go.

Because we know that housekeeping never sits still.

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