The Optimum
Housekeeping Solution

Empowering Employees

Currently installed in properties large and small across three continents, Optii’s patented technology empowers employees and transforms what is possible in housekeeping.

Optii Keeper frees housekeeping executives from manual room assignments by automatically creating and updating room assignments with accurate clean time predictions, based on room type, guest profile, and the hotel’s historic data.

It empowers and supports room attendants to balance their workloads and perform at their best with better training, better support and automated links to other relevant departments such as engineering. 

It enables supervisors to complete inspections efficiently, with both auto-generated inspection schedules and inspection processing and reporting that is fast, intuitive, and tailored to each room and guest preference scenario.

See for yourself how employees in the world’s finest hotels – including Ritz-Carlton, IHG, Kempinski, Radisson Edwardian, Grand Hyatt, Shangri-La and Marina Bay Sands – are embracing this new direction and benefitting from the transformative results Optii Keeper enables them to achieve, often within days of installation.

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What can employees expect?

Balance: A fair and balanced workload for each individual employee which provides the time to clean each room properly without rushing. Optii Keeper recognizes that some rooms take longer than others and provides the appropriate allowances

Planning: A better planned and organized workday – with significantly reduced pressure on supervisors to change schedules on a regular basis

Fairness/Recognition: An objective, fair and consistent assessment of an employees work that is not based on subjective opinions, assumptions or hearsay

Communication: Employees can make contact with housekeeping management and supervisors at any time, from anywhere

Safety: Management knows each individual’s location and can quickly coordinate a response to emergencies

Support: Management is aware of employee progress and can proactively provide assistance if they unexpectedly run behind

Awareness: Management can use early insights to proactively cater for changes in schedules, workloads and other unexpected occurrences, thus ensuring a smoother, stress-free day 

Empowerment: Employees gain the feeling of empowerment through better communication and information at all times

Training: Consistent, easy to use training at the touch of a button – new staff feel supported as they adapt to their role and veteran staff can refresh their knowledge at any time.

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