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The Hidden Costs of Inefficient Hotel Housekeeping Ops, Part 2

Feb 15, 2019

In part one of this three-part blog series, we revealed how outdated, inefficient housekeeping operations can cost your hotel big in wasted time and resources. Now, let’s take a look at the hidden costs lurking behind dissatisfied, unproductive housekeeping staff, not to mention the costs of high turnover rates that plague so many hotels today.

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The Hidden Costs of Inefficient Hotel Housekeeping Ops, Part 1

Jan 26, 2019

Did you know that housekeeping can represent up to 50% of your hotel’s labor costs? Hotel managers and owners looking to cut costs and increase productivity should start by taking a good look into the efficiency of their housekeeping operations.

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The 4 Keys to Controlling Hotel Housekeeping Costs in 2019

Jan 11, 2019

New year, new budget! You spent a lot of time and effort forecasting and preparing your budget for 2019. In a perfect world, both would play out exactly as planned but unfortunately, this isn’t how reality works. Demand fluctuations, productivity levels, labor costs, unexpected maintenance issues, and any number of other factors can easily steer your hotel away from its 2019 profit goals.

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Is Outsourcing Housekeeping the Right Solution for Your Hotel?

Dec 21, 2018

Many of today’s top-performing hotels are opting to outsource their housekeeping staff, and for good reason! Outsourcing your hotel’s housekeeping staff can cut labor costs up to 25% by greatly reducing expenditures associated with payroll taxes, benefits and high turnover rates that plague so many hotel housekeeping departments.

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Learn How Optii Can Transform Your Hotel’s Housekeeping Operations

Dec 07, 2018

What does a typical day in your hotel’s housekeeping department look like?

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What is Hotel Housekeeping Optimization?

Nov 16, 2018

By definition, optimization means to make something as fully functional or effective as possible under its given constraints. But what does it mean to optimize a hotel housekeeping department?

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3 Ways to Promote Hotel Housekeeping-Reception Teamwork

Nov 09, 2018

Two of the most key functions in any hotel are the housekeeping department and the reception team. These two teams are responsible for most of the guest touchpoints, and if they aren’t working together properly, it could create real problems for your hotel.

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Top 4 Ways Optii Helps Hotels Save on Housekeeping Labor Costs

Nov 02, 2018

Optii has been proven to help hotels across the globe dramatically increase housekeeping productivity and reduce labor costs, providing up to 500% ROI within just months of implementation. Optii’s easy-to-use housekeeping management software has helped hotels like Ritz Carlton, Westin Hotels & Resorts and Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts reduce labor costs up to 18% and increase productivity up to 25%.

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4 Reasons Housekeeping Supervisors are Key to Moving Your Team Forward

Oct 19, 2018

The hotel landscape is more competitive and complex than ever – which means hotels looking to stay ahead of the curve need to ensure their operations are running like a fine-tuned machine. The surprising key to running smooth operations in your hotel? Housekeeping supervisors.

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How to Balance Housekeeping Efficiency with Quality at Your Hotel

Sep 27, 2018

It’s easy to assume that making housekeeping operations more efficient means cutting corners, paying less attention to cleaning details, ultimately diminishing the guest experience.

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What Guests Want from Their Hotel Experiences in 2018

Sep 20, 2018

It’s a common question amongst hotel owners these days: How can hotels create an experience that will attract the travelers of both today and tomorrow? As younger generations with unique needs and demands become a larger portion of every industry’s target audience, hotels who want to evolve with these new generations will need to make a few key changes to keep up.

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How much is one minute of your room attendants’ time really worth?

Sep 06, 2018

One minute. 60 seconds. At first glance, one minute doesn’t seem like enough time to make any kind of impact on your business. So, could saving your room attendants just one minute per room cleaned actually make a difference in how your hotel runs?

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Everything You Thought You Knew About Housekeeping Management…But Didn’t

Aug 23, 2018

With guest-room cleanliness directly tied to a hotel’s financial success, housekeeping operations are one of the most important functions in a hotel. But how much do you actually know about the department’s inner workings? Find out some surprising facts about housekeeping operations, and how you can use them to your advantage:

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Minimum Wage is on the Rise – Here’s How to Keep Housekeeping Labor in Check

Aug 09, 2018

While the federal minimum wage rate for hourly employees hasn’t been raised in more than a decade, many states and even localities have begun to take matters into their own hands by mandating significant hikes in minimum wage requirements, affecting hotels across the nation.

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5 Reasons to Switch to Intelligent Housekeeping Technology

Aug 01, 2018

While the hospitality industry has always been a people business, the cost-saving benefits of implementing more technology in hotel operations are causing owners and managers to fully embrace the help of new intelligent technology solutions.

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A Skeptical Housekeeping Veteran Embraces the Power of OPTii

Sep 03, 2016

Tracey Reed once blocked her hotel adopting Optii Keeper, now she spreads the word as an evangelist. What happened? This brief article describes the journey from sceptic to believer and shows how a little willingness to change can propel careers!

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Housekeeping: Does Efficiency have to come at the cost of Quality and Service?

Jun 21, 2016

Optii's founder, Soenke Weiss, says that "...a choice between greater efficiency and higher quality of service represents what the philosophers refer to as a “false dichotomy.” It’s a fundamentally unnecessary choice...."

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