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Housekeeping Solution

Optii Solutions | The Optimum Housekeeping Software
  • Optimize

    Optii Keeper cuts costs, increases profits and delivers real investment returns

  • Optimize

    Optii Keeper intelligently streamlines room cleaning operations

  • Optimize
    Guest Satisfaction

    Optii Keeper enables faster access to guest rooms through smart scheduling

  • Optimize

    Optii Keeper is the only solution focused exclusively on housekeeping productivity, efficiency and quality

'Best of Breed' Housekeeping

Optimize profitability

Optii Keeper’s innovative patented labor management capability maximizes productivity and ROI throughout your housekeeping function – and improves service quality

Optimize operations

Optii Keeper enables you to view and control your housekeeping operations in real-time, delivering insights and benchmarks to help you streamline your performance

Optimize guest satisfaction

Optii Keeper allows guests to access rooms faster and eliminates communication between reception and housekeeping – helping you focus on your customer

Introducing Optii Solutions

Reduce housekeeping labor cost up to 18%

Increase productivity up to 24%

Nearly eliminate front-desk queues

Significantly improve online guest reviews

Easy to Integrate, Easy to Use

Fully mobile.

Completely multi-lingual.

Intuitively designed for any user ability.

Tightly integrated with PMS software.

"Since we adopted Optii Keeper as our housekeeping system, we have increased our efficiency by 15%."
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