How Optii Works
Designed by industry insiders, Optii automatically estimates cleaning times by examining guest type and use-pattern to then reliably predict, manage and optimize your housekeeping schedules in real-time.

Quickly Create
Daily Schedules

Optii builds and optimizes the daily schedule so that supervisors and room attendants can see the list of room details, room cleaning status, reservation details, VIP codes and more.

Easily Identify Rooms Ready for Inspection

Introducing Optii Solutions

Supervisors can see a full list of rooms ready for inspection or rooms that will become available for inspection later that day and manage their schedule accordingly.

Monitor Operations,
All in One Place

Managers and owners can get a quick glance at the hotel’s room cleaning status, room attendants’ cleaning progress, DND rooms, and more for a great snapshot of the day.

Oversee Room
Attendant Progress

Supervisors and managers can see a list of the room attendants who are ahead of schedule or behind schedule, the number of rooms not ready in time, the velocity of rooms being completed, and more.

Obtain Actionable
Insights with Ease

Optii’s in-depth reporting capabilities are easily accessible for both owners and supervisors with 15 different reports available to use for metrics and analytics.

Room Attendants
Find it All on the App

Room attendants can use Optii’s mobile app as they go to see the list of rooms ready to be cleaned, the hotel floor plan, the status of each room, log the summary of progress throughout the day, room credits, room reservation details and notes, and even the specific jobs that need to be done for each room.

See Optii in Action:

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