Installed in properties large and small around the globe, Optii’s patented technology empowers hotel owners, employees and guests by transforming what is possible in housekeeping.

For Owners

Housekeeping can represent up to 10% of your operational costs – it’s the department whose payroll makes up the largest single line item in any hotel – and it is responsible for looking after your core product. Optii quickly reduces expenditure and increases the rate of return guests, resulting in increased profits.

For Room Attendants

Optii empowers and supports room attendants to balance their workloads and perform at their best with better training, better support and automated links to other relevant departments such as engineering.

For Managers and

Optii enables supervisors to complete inspections efficiently, with both auto-generated inspection schedules and inspection processing and reporting that is fast, intuitive, and tailored to each room and guest preference scenario.

For Guests

Optii enriches the guest experience through a significant reduction in front desk queues, quicker access to clean rooms, a higher standard of room presentation and the ability to have their personal preferences managed.

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