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Apr 23, 2014

Press Release: Optii Solutions launches next generation of Optii Keeper

Optii Solutions launches next generation of Optii Keeper in the battle against ‘breaking point’.

Australia:  Optii Solutions (Optii), the global leader in housekeeping optimisation, today announced the launch of a significant upgrade of its groundbreaking solution, Optii Keeper.

Already the world’s leading housekeeping management system, Optii Keeper builds on the current strengths of streamlining productivity, dynamically managing labour in real-time and improving the quality and turnaround of clean rooms.

Nicknamed ‘Magenta’, Soenke Weiss, CEO of Optii Solutions explained why. “In colour psychology, Magenta is an instrument of change and transformation; it helps us release old patterns that prevent development and aids us in moving forward. It therefore seemed logical that Optii chose the name 'Magenta' to describe its next generation release of Optii Keeper.”

Indeed, it is widely believed that this product, developed by the thought leaders in housekeeping optimisation, is the future of housekeeping management.

“As the only company focused exclusively on housekeeping optimization, Optii understands that the depth of this business critical function deserves a depth in our response to problem-solving it. That is why it is all that we do,” said Weiss.

“We are very proud to have been collaborating with our current clients to incorporate their experience and observations, and as a result we have developed a responsive solution with unparalleled depth in the market. In terms of automation, efficiency, functionality and all with minimal administration, ‘Magenta’ is a paradigm shift in housekeeping management and most significantly, what a hotel front desk can deliver for its guests from the moment they arrive,” said Weiss.

In fact, this enhanced solution might have come at just the right time for the hotel industry; the latest study from Cornell’s Center for Hospitality Research shows that the arrival experience has a tremendous impact on guest satisfaction.

For some guests, exceeding the “breaking point” of a five-minute wait to check-in resulted in a 47% decrease in overall satisfaction with their stay.

Weiss highlights some of the key developments including “an advanced queuing function for the front desk which prioritizes the already reduced queue of waiting guests, advanced automation and a focus on managing by exception rather than detail provides your managers more time to focus on guest service and training the team.  A dedicated housekeeping dashboard alerts you to items requiring attention. Not to forget the new turndown feature and defects reporting functionality.”

Optii Solutions has a compelling vision for the future of housekeeping and the release of ‘Magenta’ is the next step in the goal to bring the very best of technology to hotels around the world.

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