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Dec 02, 2013

Press Release: Optii Solutions Invests in Asia Pacific Sales Leadership

SINGAPORE: Optii Solutions (Optii), the global leader in housekeeping optimisation, today officially welcomed Greg Lipper to the position of Sales Director – Asia Pacific, reaffirming its commitment to building presence and supporting hotel executives and owners in the region.   

Optii’s selection of Lipper to lead its Asia Pacific sales force follows the strategic decisions to drive Asia Pacific sales from a Singapore based subsidiary and shift the global client services management function to Singapore. Lipper, a 20-year veteran of the region’s information and communications technology industry, enhances Optii’s team with extensive knowledge and understanding of the local markets. Having built and grown businesses throughout Asia, Lipper is well-versed in enabling customers to achieve competitive advantages through the implementation of game-changing technologies.  In the Optii Keeper hotel housekeeping solution, he sees the opportunity to bring the power of automation and predictive analysis to a function that is a significant expense, critical to customer satisfaction and yet still manually managed at most hotels. 

“Optii leverages decades of hospitality management experience, patented business processes, and cutting edge technology to enable hotels to improve the speed, efficiency and quality of housekeeping performance,” said Lipper. “In factoring the key variable – the guest – into the cleaning equation, and through its intelligent and dynamic work plans, Optii Keeper brings the power of “Just In Time” scheduling, inventory and communications to housekeeping. It converts housekeeping from a management blind spot to the front line of guest experience optimisation.” 

Developed by an expert team of seasoned hotel managers and software developers, Optii Keeper focuses exclusively on improving the performance of housekeeping departments in hotels and resorts globally. Currently installed in properties large and small across three continents, Optii’s patented technology enables productivity improvements of up to 20% through the optimisation of housekeeping operations, faster turnaround of clean rooms, enhanced interdepartmental communication, and significant improvements in quality and guest satisfaction. 

Optii Solutions has been the thought leader in housekeeping operations since 2007, when its software was installed at the City of Dreams in Macau. Enabling best practice housekeeping on a global scale, Optii Keeper manages over 6 million room cleans per year. “Depending on the country, housekeeping in Asia is challenged by labour shortages, soaring demand, payroll expense or quality.  We help hotels improve performance in all areas of housekeeping, so we see tremendous opportunity across the entire region,” said Optii’s Chief Executive Officer, Soenke Weiss. “We selected Greg for his proven ability to sell in a broad range of environments with different customer pain points and are delighted to have him on board.”  Most recently, Lipper served as Hewlett-Packard’s Sales Director for its Asia Pacific Software as a Service business. He has also worked with Peregrine Systems, Creative Software, Mercer and Mitsubishi Corporation.  

About Optii Solutions

Optii Solutions are hotel housekeeping evangelists, passionate about improving the business of housekeeping in hotels and resorts around the globe. Headquartered on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Optii provides software solutions that are directly geared to deliver productivity improvements, quality increases, training enhancements and an overall more structured and efficient operation. With its Optii Keeper solution, the company supplies large international hotel clients throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

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