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Oct 31, 2013

Press release: Optii concludes fundraising round

Optii Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has concluded its latest round of fundraising having achieved the capital target. The funds will be used to support the further development of OPTii’s products particularly the launch of the new version of Optii Keeper, "Magenta", scheduled for release in mid-2014. Funds will also be allocated to the development of OPTii’s business in Asia through the launch of a wholly-owned subsidiary and development of a team to service the growing Asian client base. OPTii Chairman John Richards commented, "We are delighted that our current investors continue to show great faith in the OPTii product and management team who are charged with exploiting the massive opportunities in the housekeeping space. In addition, we welcome our new investors who comprise senior members of the hospitality industry and hail from as far afield as the United States".

OPTii Solutions provides world class solutions to industry leaders in hospitality with a focus on the housekeeping function.

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