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Feb 10, 2015

Daniel Ives appointed new CEO of Optii Solutions

Brisbane, Australia: Optii Solutions Chairman, Mark Ferris, has today announced the appointment of Mr Daniel Ives as Chief Executive Officer. 

Speaking earlier on behalf of the board, Mr Ferris said “Today represents a significant milestone for our company. Optii Solutions has grown consistently over the last few years following the impressive results we have delivered to the hospitality industry and we are focused on transitioning from a visionary, industry-leading innovator to becoming a global standard in the hospitality industry.”

Founder and out-going CEO, Soenke Weiss also added “Not often in a company’s life does the leadership baton pass from Founder to a new CEO, but in this case, the timing is just right. As I will be stepping away from full-time executive duties, it allows me to focus on my passion – the continuing development of Optii Keeper as a truly innovative solution, which delivers unmatched results to our clients and the industry as a whole. I am excited about the opportunity this presents and the unmatched levels of client engagement and responsiveness we will be able to offer.”

Mr Ives has had an extensive career within both the Information and Communications Technology industry and the Casino & Resorts sector, having previously worked in senior executive positions with the likes of Prelytics, Inc, JBA Consulting Engineers and ABSi. 

A graduate of Purdue University (Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering), Mr Ives has enjoyed a career devoted to developing and delivering high-quality performance management software solutions for business. Having serviced hospitality, gaming and retail operations throughout North America and Asia for more than 25 years, and founded several successful software businesses in these markets, the opportunity to join the Optii Solutions team was immediately enticing. 

Mr Ives comments, “The synergies were obvious. I am truly passionate about working with industry to realise improved performance, both operational and financial, and with its Optii Keeper software, Optii Solutions offers just that – a unique and ground-breaking take on housekeeping operations which provides tangible returns on investment.” 

“Optii Keeper is unrivalled in its ability to optimize housekeeping operations from top to bottom,” Mr Ives adds, “and I look forward to working to achieve tremendous efficiencies and bottom line results for our clients.” 

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