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Mar 21, 2014

Coming April 2014 - A paradigm shift in Housekeeping

In colour psychology, Magenta is 'an instrument of change and transformation; it helps us release old patterns that prevent development and aids us in moving forward'. It therefore seemed logical that Optii chose the name 'Magenta' to describe its next generation release of Optii Keeper. 

Already the world’s leading housekeeping management system, Optii Keeper just got even more responsive.  

Building on its current strengths of streamlining productivity, dynamically managing labour and improving the quality and turnaround of clean rooms, we are proud to have been working with our customers to incorporate their valued feedback to ensure that this is a solution with unparalleled depth in the market.

In terms of automation, efficiency, functionality and all with minimal administration, ‘Magenta’ is a paradigm shift in housekeeping management.

Whats New?

Advanced automation and a focus on managing by exception rather than detail provides your managers more time to focus on guest service and training the team.  A dedicated housekeeping dashboard alerts you to items requiring attention.

Additional cleaning tasks such as touch-ups and checks facilitate increased streamlining of cleaning management and provide detailed metrics and audit trails.

With Optii Keeper’s new turndown feature, you can specify which rooms to turn down based on room type, VIP status and market code, optimizing the complete 24-hour cycle of cleaning operations.

Reporting defects and lost property is a breeze for room attendants and supervisors.  Take a photo from within the room and engineering knows exactly what tools to bring along.

Operating credits, in parallel with Optii’s patented predictive cleaning time capability, adds unrivalled efficiency for every hotel.

An advanced queuing function for the front desk prioritizes the already reduced queue of waiting guests and integrates directly with Optii’s optimization engine – leaving nothing to chance and returning clean rooms even faster for a better arrival experience.  You can also ask Optii Keeper to send guests an SMS once the room is ready. Did we mention the inclusion of queue statistics in the already comprehensive reporting capability?

Managers and supervisors can now get up from their desk and take the new Optii Keeper with them on their iPad or Android tablet - allowing them to observe & manage the entire housekeeping operation from wherever they are in the hotel – with the world’s first truly mobile housekeeping solution.  

Designed for speed, scalability, security and reliability, the new Optii Keeper marks a paradigm shift for hotels worldwide. Coupled with revised pricing, no hotel needs to compromise with mere add-ons.

We welcome you to contact our team for a demonstration of the solution.

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