The Optimum
Housekeeping Solution

Through its automated labor management and quality control as well as extensive reporting and analytics dashboards, Optii Keeper delivers transformative results in every installation. 

  • Increased RA productivity between 10-20%
  • Manual communication reduced by at least 60%          
  • 40% reduction in staff turnover                                
  • 80% reduction in queues

For owners

Housekeeping can represent up to 10% of your operational costs – it’s the department whose payroll makes up the largest single line item in any hotel – and it is responsible for looking after your core product. Optii Keeper quickly reduces expenditure and increases the rate of return guests resulting in increased profits.

For management

Optii Keeper dynamically automates workflow schedules, shows cleaning progress in real-time, streamlines communication and provides a performance management system which highlights areas for continuous improvement. 

For room attendants

Optii Keeper provides a fair and balanced housekeeping schedule at the start of each day, as well as empowering and supporting your staff through increased training and integration with associated operational areas. 

For guests

Optii Keeper enriches the guest experience through a significant reduction in front desk queues, quicker access to clean rooms, a higher standard of room presentation and the ability to have their personal preferences managed.

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